The Final Splash @ Possum’s Puddle

For those of you who are visiting our website to complete the online registration for The Final Splash @ Possums Puddle. You can find all of the details on the event page by clicking here.

In the meantime here is an update on entries as of 11/07/2019 @ 9:00pm.

Tuning the exhaust pipe on your model gas boat

Let’s face it, by virtue of human nature we are all looking to build the fastest boat at our local pond.
While you will probably find the most beneficial speed gains through setting up your hull properly.
The majority of us start by throwing different props, pipes and petrol at our boats.

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2017 AMPBA National Championships

We spent the last week attending the AMPBA National Championships in a small country town on the NSW/VIC border named Finley. Hosted by the Southern Riverina Model Power Boat Club (SRMPBC), we could not have anticipated a better event!  The SRMPBC committee put on an absolutely outstanding two days of testing and four days of racing.

Attended by model boaters from across Australia, the racing was extremely competitive while the conditions were at times very testing (cold and windy). At the end of the week, more than 180 heats were contested over five complete rounds of racing. We managed to bring home a second in open petrol tunnel and a third in open petrol rigger.

Click here to see a handful of photos that we took during the event.  In the coming week we will upload a short video featuring highlights from the tons of footage we filmed.


What’s in the workshop?

Apologies, things have been a little quite here on the RC Boat Builder website. Whilst we are extremely active on our Facebook Page we have neglected the website over the past nine months. It takes time to add content to the website and with things having been quite busy in the workshop. We have been using Facebook as the primary way to keep everyone up to date. If your a Facebook user, make sure you jump on the page and give it a like.

So with that in mind, what have we been busy building? Well quite a few different hulls.  Ranging from Deltaforce monos, Stryker catamarans and most recently Zipp Kits wooden outriggers.
Twelve months ago we started racing at a club level and are now throwing our hats in the ring at various trophy events.  That experience has lead us into building a trailer full of race pedigree hulls.

We are thoroughly enjoying the club racing events and the opportunity to network with like minded individuals with a ton of experience!  Still relatively new to the trophy events, we remain respectful of the other competitors on the water, while we learn the techniques, tips and tricks to become competitive racers.

If you are a hobbyist in Australia, we would encourage you to reach out to your local club. You will be more than surprised at how welcoming the community of model boaters are within Australia.

The Australian  Model Power Boat Association website contains all of the details you require to make contact with your local club.


AC Model Boats R42 (Assembly Instructions)

AC Model Boats have a reputation for superior design and quality finishes. Owned and operated by Andy Stishenko, AC have been designing and manufacturing model power boats since 1983.
Extremely popular throughout North America, the R42 catamaran is one of the most popular choices for modelers racing in the gas powered tunnel classes.

Unfortunately being based in British Columbia, Canada. It’s not an easy task to get your hands on a genuine AC Model Boat here in Australia.  Fortunately, through months of research we managed to find an economical shipping route to get our hands on the latest version of the R42 (now 43″ inches long).

Click here to see the complete build of the AC Model Boats R42 catamaran 43″ race tunnel.

Deltaforce Annihilator 53 (Assembly Instructions)

We were appointed as a Deltaforce dealer in 2016 and have imported the entire range of their gas powered monos into Australia. Used by racers around Australia, these hulls have been designed with one thing in mind!

Winning races and keeping costs below what you would expect to pay for a race winning hull.
Manufactured in Hong Kong from a specialist composite workshop, the quality of these hulls is fantastic.

Click here to see the complete build of the Deltaforce Annihilator 53″ race mono.

Tuning a Walbro Carburetor

Carburetors require regular adjustment to ensure peak performance, and also to avoid an unsafe lean condition, which can prematurely damage your engine. If you find your top-end RPM’s have fallen off a bit, or if you experience lagging or surging, it is probably time to re-adjust the carb needles.

The carburetor is provided with 3 adjust screws they may need a little adjustment depending on the temperature, atmospheric pressure (altitude), etc. of the area where the engine is used.



Hunter Valley Model Marine Club



The Hunter Valley Model Marine Club is situated in Maitland NSW.  Model boat races in Australia know the venue as Possums Puddle.  The HVMMC is one of the only model boat clubs in Australia with dedicated access to the pond everyday of the year.

It boasts a great member base of people from Sydney to Newcastle and runs petrol, electric and nitro model boat classes.

We recently joined the club and here is a quick video from our first visit!

Everingham Race Special (Assembly Instructions)

Everingham Race Special

Everingham Race Special

We have just posted up a complete build photo log of the new Everingham Race Special. This is the latest model boat from Gary and Bert Everingham.

Forty-seven inches long and packing some serious punch.  This build was planned with performance in mind. Powered by one of the new full mod Torpedo Race Engines 29.5cc and the entire range of Torpedo performance accessories including the Hi-Flow Rudder Set.

Checkout the build page for all of the photos.

Model Boat Club of NSW

The Model Boat Club of NSW was originally established in 1965 and currently calls the Sydney International Regatta Centre home. It’s regarded as some of the best water in the world for model boating due to consistently smooth conditions.

Whilst the club thrives on nitro and electric classes, there are still many members running larger petrol boats. Here is a video of a recent club practice day. As you can see from the video, everyone had a great day out on the water. You can find out more about the club and it’s history by visiting their website.

Everingham ‘Race Special Edition’

We’ve been keeping this one under wraps for some time now, but are excited to finally share video footage of a brand new Australian made RC hull. The Everingham ‘Race Special Edition’ is in it’s final stages of development and last weekend we were invited to witness it’s first extensive water test.

As you can see in the footage, this is not your average scale replica of the full scale Everingham hulls. Instead Gary and Bert Everingham have been hard at work over the past six months building a competitive race mono.  Based on the results of last weekends water test, it’s safe to say they are onto something great with this hull!

Cheap and Easy Prop Box

Prop Box

Prop Box

We are starting to invest in bigger and more expensive props for our gas powered model boats. Until today they were being stored in a cheap and nasty lunch box. Finally we pulled the finger out and used some common sense to build a cheap and easy prop box to protect our investment.  All of the parts used should be easily available from your local hardware store.

A simple and effective case that you can lug around to your local boating spot.  Not bad for the same price as a case of beer! Click on more below to see the full photo tutorial.


Torpedo Race Engines Video

Checkout the video of one of our basher boats packing some serious punch with a new Torpedo Race Engines 29.5cc Zenoah.

Gizmo (GZR) Billet Bottom End Kit

Gizmo Billet Crank Case

Gizmo Billet Crank Case

We managed to get our hands on the latest release of the Gizmo GZR Billet bottom end kit. This is the second generation of water cooled Billet crank cases from Gizmo, following its predecessor being taken from the market back in 2015.

Moving on from the bearing issues with the first generation, Gizmo have openly boasted that V2 is the most diversified Billet crankcase on the market today. Capable of housing any marine style coil and the versatility to support most cranks on the market including the Zenoah tapered cranks.

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Shake down – MCM 46″ Catamaran

Quite a few of the boys headed down to the flooded Hawkesbury river this morning for a run (we are not scared), unfortunately our footage was average at best (blame Aaron). However here is a quick video of the new MCM 46″ Cat shaking down a fresh 29.5cc motor.

Will most likely pull out this 29.5cc motor and swap it for a fresh 30.5cc in the coming days. The video shows a very mild tune on the needles. However keep posted, fairly confident you will see these hulls hauling ass in the coming weeks!

F1 Tunnel Hull (Gas Outboard)

F1 Tunnel Hull

F1 Tunnel Hull

It’s been sometime since we have actively posted on the website, between laying up hulls and spending some serious time out at the lake. It’s been a struggle to keep the website updated, however we are always posting on our Facebook page (smart phones make life easier).  You can visit the page even if you are not a Facebook member by clicking on this link. We also continue to post videos just about every weekend, you can view them on our YouTube page by clicking here.

As some of the regulars may be aware, we have acquired quite a few interesting moulds this summer and have begun pulling them out both professionally and in the RCBoatBuilder sheds.  One of the more exciting moulds is the quarter scale F1 Tunnel hulls, with two different deck designs.  Over the past month or so, we have assembled both of the designs. One with an inboard gas motor and the other with an outboard gas leg.

While we continue to fine tune both hulls before posting any video, you can view the photo’s from the build logs in our photo section.

45″ Typhoon ‘Super Big’ Mono

Recently we have been supplied with a bunch of hulls from Typhoon.  A brand of model power rc boat hulls and hardware from Thailand, very popular in South East Asia.  These hulls are sharp and designed for fast point to point racing. Here is a quick video of Dan from RC Boat Builder running the ‘Super Big’ mono powered by a Torpedo Zenoah engine.

How to replace a Walbro carburettor shaft

Torpedo Stainless Carb Shaft

Torpedo Stainless Carb Shaft

Today we are going to install a Torpedo Stainless Steel shaft into our Walbro 1048 carburettor.

The Torpedo Stainless Steel throttle shafts replace the factory brass shaft in the Walbro carburettor that is prone to breaking. The Torpedo shafts feature a precision cut out on the opposite side of the butterfly disc to allow more flow through your carburettor. To assist in securing your throttle arm, both ends of the shaft are threaded to fit a M3 bolt. No longer will you need to rely on a tiny grub screw to secure your throttle arm.

Like usual, simply click on the ‘more…’ button below to see the tutorial.


TORPEDO Performance Kits for Zenoah Engines

Torpedo Race Engines

Torpedo Race Engines

RC Boat Builder Exclusive :

TORPEDO specialise in manufacturing high performance components and accessories for Zenoah water-cooled engines. Their range of performance products are used by racers and enthusiasts alike.

The precision CNC by ESP modified genuine Zenoah cylinder boasts an enlarged and reshaped intake, exhaust and transfer ports for greater fuel and air flow. The performance porting is combined with a relieved piston and raised compression ratio to ensure your boat is reaching it’s highest potential.

The entire range of Torpedo performance products are exclusively available from RC Boat Bitz.


New Build Logs Added!

50" Viper Apache

50″ Viper Apache

We just added another five complete builds to our ‘RC Boats‘ photo page, these photo albums generally  include a complete build log.

You can use these photos to assist you in assembling your own model power boat. Today we added four hulls from Typhoon Thailand and a 50″ Apache from Viper Hulls Australia.

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